All my software is written with Delphi

I am a freelance programmer based in the UK. If you require a specific piece of software, or are a small or large business with a special requirement maybe I can help. My software covers the widest possible range of subjects - for a quick look at some of the larger ones, have a look at... ,


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BinMan Keep the rubbish at bay BINMAN.ZIP  159Kb
TextProc - Simple Search/Replace Insert/Append on multiple text files TEXTPROC.ZIP 139Kb
RedirectIP Update 3rd Feb 2002 can be used to create a permanent URL Name for a server on your own PC. A freeweb page can alway point to your PC for free.

There are subscription services that provide a DNS
entry for non-static and dialup IP addresses. However RedirectIP takes advantage of the free web page services available, to create your own permanent address for your non-static IP.

You may have a website or web page that is hosted on one of the many free space providers - but want to serve pages from your home PC to friends family or work colleagues.

RedirectIP is a tray application that monitors your IP address. When it changes RedirectIP will create a new redirection webpage and FTP it to the web.

All you need is a free webpage account with FTP access to act as your permanent URL address and you can start serving pages from your  non-static IP for free.

RedirectIP has 2 simple built in templates or you can create your own. Every occurrence of http://{IPADDRESS} in the template will be replaced with your current IP Address.








ClipCrypt Encrypt/Decrypt text on the clipboard. Works with any program that can copy/paste text to the clipboard. Ideal fro private emails. Big Brother and Echelon UNfriendly ;-)  


HTML INCLUDE - Addresses the problem faced by many webmasters - repeated code can now be included easily in any page. Regularly updated code can easily be updated by changing the include file. The program also encrypts the include file - so sensitive text can now be protected. 19/07/01

HTML INCLUDE creates an encrypted - self decrypting jscipt file from blocks of HTML code.
Common blocks of code (menus, addresses,headers,footers etc) can now be written only once
and included in several pages.
Auto Login: Auto Login to Windows Networking when you boot up your computer. Can type your password if you use one. AUTOLOGIN.ZIP 113Kb
FTP IP Will upload your IP address to the web for Netmeeting/Games/FTP/HTTP etc.. Finds your IP and Creates an HTML page - 1 click uploads it to the web.
HTTP IP Will get the IP address from a page created by FTP IP. (not all server types)
HTTP IP2 Will get the IP page created by FTP IP. (requires IE installed) (all servers)
Action Replay. Macro Recorder. Record all keyboard and mouse movements for later playback. AR1.ZIP 150Kb
Screen Saver. Simulates a swarm or shoaling action. SS5.ZIP 93Kb

Cookie Muncher. A must have privacy program. Stop the Evil Empire watching your every move. Eats a cookie as soon as it arrives, now works with IE and Netscape.  Now also works with Netcaptor. Support for keeping some cookies now added (IE engines only) set the file attribute of the cookies you want to keep to read-only. Now shows your IP address on the pop-up menu. Support for AOL added Only uses between 5% and 8% CPU. Opera Added

Now uses a lower priority thread to enable it to function better with processor hungry applications. It should now run smoothly even on low spec machines. (how some commercial applications get away with processor theft - I don't know, but then they probably don't last long, users get fed up and delete them.:-)

New 26/06/2001 Version 3.7 now has the ability to select your own sound effects.

Cookie Muncher Stops cookies spying on you. Did you know there is another threat to your privacy - SPYWARE. While you're browsing SPYWARE is spying on you. There are hundreds of these evil programs on the web and you probably have some installed. I suggest you download AD-Aware from   or    SpyBlocker Software, There are several good Firewalls available for free on the web, I have checked most of them out and trien many of the shareware ones. I recommend SYGATE PERSONAL FIREWALL. In my tests and trials it has performed better that all others.




Netrunner 1.0 Only load and run browsing utilities when they are needed. You don't need to load cookie utilities,chat programs, advert killers,trojan scanners etc etc when you aren't on the web - use netrunner to load them for you when you connect. NETRUNNER.ZIP 136Kb
DosInDir 1.0. I have to drop down to DOS often, and its such a pain to try to change directory with long filenames. This little util sits in the System Tray as a small icon. When you click it - it allows you to select a directory then drops into DOS in that Directory. I can't do without it now.  DOSINDIR.ZIP 127Kb 
RemoveR PRO. If you've ever needed to restore a backup from CD then you know windows copies the readonly attribute. This program will optionally recurse directories removing or setting file attributes.                                     REMOVER.ZIP 192Kb
LowerCase 1.0. When you've uploaded your latest creations to you web page, and find a link dosen't work its usually because of the filename. This program will optionally recurse directories changing the filenames to lower case. Also checks inside your HTM's LOWCASE.ZIP 123Kb
True Type Runic Font by me RUNES.ZIP 33Kb
Image2Txt - Create e-mail signature files. Make Text Pictures from BMP,GIF or JPG Images.  IMAGETXT.ZIP 384Kb
You can send email that appears to be from any name and email account.

Directmail... It is a SMTP emulator in that it connects directly to the destination host without going through the normal outgoing server route. It uses your DNS to find the address of the target email host and then acts as a server. Directmail may not work with 100% of email addresses, depending on the security issues of the host. It tests it can connect to 99% Directmail... sometimes sends attachments too fast for some hosts. It cannot compete with "real" email software, and is for "fun" only ;-)

If you like the idea of direct mail then check out this software. Its freeware, works in a similar way to Directmail but allows you to use your current email client. Its a bit bulky (11Mb+) compared to directmails 126kb but its nicely written and works well.



German >Direct Mail< link

German Language version  Download Here

Dutch Language version
Download Here (Thanks to Bert van Velsen)



Kill Process 1.0 This program enables you to see all the running processes on your PC and Kill them with a single click - great security tool. KILLPROCESS.ZIP 148Kb
PMScroll 1.0 Toggles the Windows 98 Programs Menu scroll on or off - like it was in Windows 95 - much better. PMSCROLL.ZIP  102Kb

"Safe Package" - my new Freeware Very Secure email system